Even the dog loves them

I purchased some of your sheets at the Winterfest in Havasu. They are WONDERFUL! I’ve never been excited about sheets in my life. I even brought them to work so my coworkers could feel them. You have a few people that will be buying them. Where will you be next? What venues are coming up that you will be at?
I thought I’d share a funny story about your sheets. My sister’s dog always sleeps on a pile of blankets. He now actually MOVES the blankets so he can sleep on your sheets!
Let me know as I need to stock up!
Thanks, Kim

I need more sheets

Hi Bruce,
It was a pleasure to talk to you on the phone the other day. I bought a set of your Queen size sheet set when you were at the Havasu Balloon Festival and they are wonderful.  I would like to order two more sets in white. Send the bill and I will send you a check or if you want you can call me and I will give you my card number.  Please send them to:
Jeannie C


testimony: ” I was skeptical at first buying these sheets because they were such a great price. But after I took them home, washed them and put them on my bed, I was so impressed!! They are extremely soft and comfortable. The quality is very high and best of all I LOVED how the deep pockets actually fit my bed! I would highly recommend these sheets. I referred my family to buy them and I am definitely buying more for my other beds.”

Zana K.

Great Sheets!

Hi Bruce,

I have purchased a number of sheet sets from you at the Mountainside Fitness off of Bell Rd. I love the sheets so much that I have told some friends about them and they would like to purchase some for themselves. Can you please let me know when you plan on being back at Mountainside or when and where you will be selling your sheets in the near future.

Thanks, Tania D.



Wonderful Sheets

Just wanted to yell from the house top, How Great your sheets are. Bought 2 pair and have never been so happy with a fit, the softness, the over all great product you have. I have already told my relatives, friends, and even one stranger about them.
Thank you for selling a product that is as good as “you said” it was.
I definitely will be buying more.
Wanda S. | Goodyear Arizona