Are the bed sheets 1500 Thread Count- No there is no thread count associated with Microfiber. They are a higher line of Microfiber that feels like a very high thread count sheet.

How long does it take to for my package to arrive after I order- Typically shipping is 2-7 days.

Where are the sheets made- China

Is Microfiber Hot- No because Microfiber yarns are so small the material actually breathes better then Cotton.

What is Microfiber-
Microfiber is largely misunderstood and it seems that few outside of fashion designers and sales people know what it is. “Microdenier Polyester Fiber”, or Microfiber, is a polyester fiber spun to the finest denier, or diameter, possible with today’s technology. Microfiber is finer than a human hair, stronger than spun steel, and able to withstand abrasion without losing its looks. Microfiber may be the latest revolution in the use of polyester – a fabric that was once revolutionary itself. However, Microfiber is a huge improvement of its predecessor. The difference between polyester and microfiber is like comparing spaghetti pasta to angel hair pasta – Microfiber is 2 times thinner than regular polyester. It is also 4 times finer than wool, 3 times finer than cotton, and more than 2 times fine as silk. As a result, fabrics woven of microfiber are soft, sensuous and luxurious. They are also lightweight yet strong and durable. Unlike natural fibers, microfiber can be sanded or sueded for a lush, velvety texture without diminishing its strength. These texturing techniques can make them feel like washed silk or fine cotton. Microfiber also accepts dye better, so colors are brighter. As technology continues to develop, expect to see more developments in microfiber.

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