Several years ago we were at a State fair and bought six sets of bed sheets. We realized they weren’t the best quality but they were soft and comfortable and for the price they were a good deal. We gave them as gifts and used them ourselves and most people seemed to like them.

We started to sell sheets and got the very brand of sheets we had purchased at the fair and started vending them. We sold those sheets for four years and for the most part people were happy with them. Then the manufacturer cheapened the sheets because the costs of manufacturing increased. Sometimes we got complaints that the sheet was not heavy enough, it piled, seams split, pockets weren’t deep enough, or the elastic wasn’t strong enough.

This lead to our designing our own sheet sets to fix those issues.

Three Sheets Two The Wind sheets have four pillow case with a border on the top sheet and the pillow cases. There are pockets in the pillow cases tom help hold the pillow in. The fabric has been stone washed so that it does not pile. The pockets are extra deep and will fit up to an eighteen inch mattress.  The bottom sheet has a strong elastic band all the way around it. The fabric is a nice light weight, extremely soft fabric but heavier that the previous sheets we sold.

We have been selling this sheet for several years now and everyone loves them. We have many repeat customers and our business has expanded through referrals.  Check out our testimonials!